ItOnlyComesToasted is a legendary phrase in my family. When members of my family were in a Wisconsin restaurant, my grandpa asked if he could get his BLT on non-toasted bread, the waitress proclaimed, “It only comes toasted”. Hence the legend. Never settle!

As a career graphic designer with a packaging and labeling specialty, I have always been involved in the food industry. I have always wanted to become closer with the actual PR/Marketing/Writing side of the industry. After being laid off again in 2013, I decided it was time to reinvent myself. I know that phrase is WAY overused, but truthfully, it is exactly what I am doing. I was born a foodie and have been active in the wine industry through labeling *and tasting!* for many years and this drew me in. I am now Wine Rep for Awesome Wines, specializing in corporate events, weddings, restaurants & bars and, best of all, Private Wine Parties! I also am writing for The Daily Meal about all that is Portland. I couldn’t be more happy! Contact me for restaurant reviews or to schedule a wine party!


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